City of Uniontown City Council Meeting for January 2022

Please take notice that the Uniontown City Council will conduct a public hearing on January 3, 2022 at 3:45 p.m. immediately preceding the City Council Organization Meeting at City Hall, 20 North Gallatin Ave., Uniontown, for the purpose of taking public comment on a request that a portion of the alley right-of-way for an unnamed twelve-foot alley extending from North Gallatin Avenue and a portion of the alley right-of-way for a sixteen-foot alley extending from said twelve-foot alley and parallel to North Gallatin Avenue be vacated to enable consolidation of the several adjacent parcels for further use and/or development.

January 2022 City Counsel Reorganizational Meeting

January 2022 Agenda Meeting




A full and complete copy of the text of said Ordinance is available for public inspection in the office of the City Clerk.


Notice to Bidders

The City of Uniontown is soliciting bids for unleaded and diesel fuel for all City Vehicles for 2022.  The vehicles will pick up fuel at the dealer’s pump, which must be within the local Uniontown area.  Dealer must be able to provide twenty-four (24) hour service at their location and must furnish the following to the City Clerk’s Office, 20 N. Gallatin Ave., Uniontown, PA twice monthly:

  1. Vehicle ID Number
  2. Driver Identification
  3. Mileage on vehicle at time of purchase.
  4. Gallons purchased.
  5. Time of day purchased.

The billing statement should coincide with the twice-monthly furnishing of data.  Sealed bids will be accepted at the Office of the City Clerk, 20 N. Gallatin Ave., Uniontown, PA 15401 until 3:00 p.m. December 16, 2021.  The service will be from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.  City Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids or any part. Bids will be opened at the Council meeting December 16, 2020 at 4:00 PM.


Kim Marshall

City Clerk

City of Uniontown


Take notice that the duly elected Council of the City of Uniontown intends to adopt the following proposed ordinances at the Regular City Council Meeting on December 16, 2021.

Click here to download.

Notice of Special Meeting

Take notice that a Special Meeting of Uniontown City Council is scheduled for Monday, November 22, 2021 at 4:00 PM in Council Chambers in City Hall, 20 N. Gallatin Avenue, Uniontown.  The agenda shall be limited to the introduction of the 2022 City of Uniontown budget, Ordinance No. 1733.

Special Meeting Agenda

Legal Notices

Please take notice that the Uniontown City Council will conduct a public hearing on November 15, 2021 at 3:45 p.m. immediately preceding a regularly scheduled City Council Meeting at City Hall, 20 North Gallatin Ave., Uniontown, for the purpose of taking public comment on a request that a portion of the alley right-of-way for a twenty-foot alley extending from Braddock Avenue in the City of Uniontown be vacated to enable consolidation of the two adjacent parcels for further use and/or development.



Take notice that the Uniontown City Council Regular Meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 has been rescheduled to Thursday, December 16th, 2021 at 4:00 PM in Council Chambers, City Hall, 20 N. Gallatin Ave., Uniontown, PA.

The meeting agenda will be posted on the City of Uniontown website at, and also posted on the front and back door of City Hall.

City of Uniontown Special Agenda for November 15, 2021

Take notice that the Uniontown City Council Regular Meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 4th, 2021 has been rescheduled to Monday, November 15th, 2021 at 4:00 PM in Council Chambers, City Hall, 20 N. Gallatin Ave., Uniontown, PA.

The meeting agenda will be posted on the City of Uniontown website at, and also posted on the front and back door of City Hall.

November 2021 Agenda

City of Uniontown Special Agenda for October 25, 2021

City of Uniontown City Public Hearing for August 18,2021

September 11th – 20 Years Later. A Remembance Observance

The Mayor’s office, and the City Council members are requesting the presence of it’s citizenry as our City and County commemorate the tragic attack on our country on September 11, 2001. It is our hope that young and old will join together at Storey Square as one, as we remember that fateful day, the sacrifices made, and the patriotism that stirred our souls.
Won’t you join us? Please plan on coming together on September 11, 2021 at 2pm.


Uniontown, PA – All 18 flags are proudly waving once again at Uniontown’s George C. Marshall Memorial Plaza, thanks to a generous donation.
City of Uniontown officials, along with the Fayette County Veterans Affairs Office, Uniontown’s Rolling Thunder Chapter 5 and other veterans came together Thursday afternoon for a flag replacement ceremony at the plaza, sponsored by the Silvis Group, Inc. and Online Stores LLC.
Located at the site locally known as “Five Corners” along West Main Street, the plaza has long been a beloved attraction for county residents and visitors alike. It stands as a testament to the life and accomplishments of Uniontown native and U.S. Army General George C. Marshall.
On June 19, the plaza was vandalized, with flags from the 17 nations who were part of The Marshall Plan, also known as The European Recovery Plan, following World War II, along with the Pennsylvania state flag, being cut down and stolen. Our United States and Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) flags were left untouched.
Uniontown Mayor Bill Gerke said the vandalism was “very disappointing” and “struck at the heart of one of our beautiful, historic tributes.”
“There has been an outpouring of concern from citizens, businesses and organizations near and far to help replace the flags. Thank you, Silvis Group and Online Stores, for your thoughtfulness and generosity in helping Uniontown restore the flags to Marshall Plaza,” Gerke said. “With a gray cloud, there is always a silver lining. Silvis Group and Online Stores are the silver lining to this unfortunate occurrence. Everyone associated with the Marshall Plaza wants to say a big ‘thank you’ to you.”
Not long after the unprecedented vandalism occurred, Cathy Fligger, executive assistant with Silvis Group contacted the city on behalf of Silvis President Jacob H. Silvis IV; Silvis General Manager Chris Boucher; and Eric Nonneberg, director of sales and product development for Online Stores LLC.
Together, Silvis and Online Stores donated a full set of replacement flags representing Pennsylvania, along with the nations of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.
The organizations also donated new U.S. and POW/MIA flags, to allow the existing flags to be retired; as well as new ropes for all that were severed during the theft.
President Jacob Silvis said he learned of the vandalism from the news and, after taking his wife’s advice and “sleeping on it,” he presented the donation idea to his team before contacting their vendor, Online Stores, to talk about a partnership.

“We all agreed that we have the ability to make a difference where it was much needed. We have a wonderful relationship with Online Stores and appreciate them stepping up to the plate when asked,” Silvis said. “For the last 36 years, Silvis Group has focused on being committed to the western Pennsylvania region and seeing this really hits close to home. We have an office in the Uniontown area and we want to make sure that we are supporting the community that we work and live in. It’s a testament to the American spirit that someone can tear us down, and together we can build it back up.”
Nonneberg said Online Stores was eager to help upon learning of the vandalism, as the company owns and operates the largest online supplier of flags and flagpoles in the country.
“It just seemed like the perfect time to do the right thing and help out a local community that isn’t far from our corporate office in New Stanton, Pennsylvania,” Nonneberg said. “We work with thousands of VFWs, American Legions and all types of veterans’ groups across the country, so this was a no-brainer when it came to helping a community in our own backyard. It’s hard to believe that someone would sink so low as to steal all of these flags, but we are glad that we could help in some way.”
Thursday’s ceremony featured speeches from all key players, as well as a presentation of the new flags from to the city and a ceremonial flag raising.
Fayette County Veteran Affairs Director Brian Bensen said replacing the flags shows “our resilience and respect” for the memorial.
“It’s also a reminder to the county that we care about our veterans, their memorials and their sacrifice for us and our way of life. The allied flags are a reminder that, under the worst times and against all odds, we came together as a nation and a world to defeat evil and protect our freedom,” Bensen said. “We put aside our differences and joined a united front – the same way Fayette County did when our memorial was damaged. We came together. The overwhelming outpouring of support proves this.”
Following the vandalism, monetary donations began pouring in from concerned citizens countywide. That money will be used to create a fund exclusively for the city’s future flag replacement purchases, helping to defer a nearly $2,000 annual cost to the city.
Mayor Gerke said Thursday was a “very special day in the life of the City of Uniontown.”
“One of the first things you see when entering Uniontown from the west is the flag display at George C. Marshall Memorial Plaza,” Gerke said. “The plaza denotes a very important piece of United States history that our city played a large role in. This symbol of history needs to be honored for generations.”
Silvis Group, Inc. of Mt. Pleasant is a full-service landscaping company specializing in design, building and maintenance in western Pennsylvania and surrounding states. For more information, visit
Online Stores LLC of New Stanton is a privately owned company founded in 2002 and specializing in flags, flagpoles and accessories nationwide. For more information, visit
To learn more about the Fayette County Veteran Affairs Office, visit To learn more about the City of Uniontown, visit
For more information, contact Laura Kutek, City of Uniontown Director of Planning & Community Relations, at 724- 430-2934 or

Request for Proposals

The City of Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, is inviting firms to submit a proposal for investment management and custody for the Police and Fire pension investment funds it maintains with approximately $18 million in assets.  

Copies of the RFP including information relating to submitting a proposal and specific requirements are available from Helen Bardos at or 7247097697.

Proposals of one (1) original and five (5) copies (and two (2) electronic versions), must be received at Rhoades Law, LLC, 129 Golfview Drive, Gibsonia, PA 15044 no later than August 9, 2021, 4:00 p.m.  Any contact for additional information should be made to Helen Bardos via email at by August 5, 2021.

The City reserves the right to request additional information from any and all respondents, to waive any defect or abnormality, to award or not award all or any portion of the work described herein, to issue modifications to the RFP or otherwise to move forward in the best interest of the City.


Notice to Bidders

Take notice that the City of Uniontown is now accepting sealed bids for the sale of the following vehicles that are out of service:  1996 Ford Super Duty Diesel Tool Truck,

VIN #49772; 1999 1-ton Dump Truck, VIN#8377; 1989 Elgin Street Sweeper.  Interested parties may contact City Hall at 724-430-2900 for information.  Sealed bids shall be delivered to 20 N. Gallatin Ave., Room 114, Uniontown, PA  15401 no later than July 1, 2021 by 3:00 PM.  The bids will be opened at the Regular City Council Meeting at 4:30 PM on said date.  The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, and to accept the most advantageous to the City of Uniontown.

City of Uniontown Rules of Conduct

Citizen Participation Plan (CPP)


Notice is  given that the City has amended the Citizen Participation Plan (CPP) to reflect recent guidance indicating how to conduct proper citizen participation in the event of an emergency. Copies of the draft CPP will be on public display on the City Uniontown’s website for a period of five (5) days.  It is anticipated that Council will adopt the Citizen Participation Plan at its scheduled meeting on Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 4:00 pm.

Click here to download the Citizen Participation Plan


  • To all City of Uniontown residents, please be informed that the City of Uniontown has contracted with County Hauling for garbage and refuse and recycling for both residential and commercial accounts.  Their service will begin October 1, 2020.  
  • Pickup dates will remain the same for residential, commercial and recycling.
  • Residents will receive an introductory letter from County Hauling
  • Commercial customers will receive same size dumpsters and frequency unless instructed otherwise.
  • New Rates: $14.00 mos./$2.25 mo. Recycling

$11.20 mos. Senior Discount (65 and older)

$2.00 Additional per month for non-curb/rear alley collection

For any questions or concerns, you may call City Hall at 724-430-2900 or email  

Customer Service for County Hauling:


M – F 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

PA COVID-19 Small Business Grant Programs

Popularly known as "Beesontown", the "town of Union" was founded by Henry Beeson on July 4, 1776, coincidentally the same date the United States Declaration of Independence was ratified. The National Road, also known as the Cumberland Road, was routed through Uniontown in the early 19th century, and the town grew along with the road (now US 40). 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Uniontown is Fort Necessity, built by George Washington during the French and Indian War (part of the international Seven Years' War) as well as the site of theBattle of Jumonville Glen, where the North American branch of the war began.

Uniontown's role in the Underground Railroad in the antebellum years is commemorated by a marker on the corner of East Main Street and Baker Alley. Residents helped slaves escaping from the South to freedom.

In the late nineteenth century, the town grew based on the development of coal mines and the steel industry. Uniontown was the site of violent clashes between striking coal miners and guards at the local coke works during the bituminous coal miners' strike of 1894. Fifteen guards armed with carbines and machine guns held off an attack by 1,500 strikers, killing five and wounding eight.

The Columbia Rolling Mill, an iron and steel works, was located in Uniontown from 1887 to 1895. The mill was the town's top industry at that time. During the Coal Boom of the early part of the 20th century, Uniontown was home to at least 13 millionaires, the most (per capita) of any city in the United States. "Coal barons" and Carl Laemmle, the president of Universal Films, sponsored the famous Uniontown Speedway board track from 1916 to 1922. It was a mile and a quarter raceway.

As with most of Western Pennsylvania, Uniontown's economy waned during the region's deindustrialization of the late 20th century, when the steel industry restructured and many jobs went elsewhere, including offshore. This decline continued into the 21st century, and the population is about half its peak of 1940.

The USS Uniontown (PF-65), a Tacoma-class frigate, was named for the city by the United States Navy on August 16, 1944, the only ship to be so named.

In 1967 Uniontown was the birthplace of the McDonald's Big Mac sandwich. In 2007 the Big Mac Museum was opened in North Huntingdon Township in Westmoreland County, to the disappointment of some Uniontown residents. According to a McDonald's spokesperson, the decision was based on logistics and access, but Uniontown residents complained in an article that was published in the Herald-Standard.

The Uniontown Downtown Historic DistrictGallatin SchoolJohn S. Douglas HouseJohn P. Conn House, and Adam Clarke Nutt Mansion are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.